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Project Name:

St Thomas' Church, Belfast


Lisburn Road

Architect / Designer: 

John Laynon, Consarc Design Group

Completion Date:




St Thomas’ Church, located beside the Rectory at the Lisburn Road end of Eglantine Avenue, was designed by the renowned architect John Laynon of Laynon, Lynn and Laynon. Appointed in 1866 work commenced in 1869 and was completed in 1870.

It is one of the finest examples of High Victorian gothic ecclesiastical architecture in the country.

Under the guidance of Consarc Design Group this magnificent showpiece of Victorian eclectic design underwent  an extensive restoration and re-ordering in 2007/2008.

The main floor designed by Consarc and manufactured and fitted by Armatile is a geometric style design incorporating detailed waterjet pieces in each panel. The colours compliment the warm overall feel of the space within the church reflecting red and black brick banding of the internal arcade.

The Altar and Plinth were also re ordered with new waterjet floors again designed by Consarc.  Armatile Technical took accurate templates of the plinth area early during the restoration project to allow the whole section  to be accurately manufactured off site while the Church was being renovated.

All the floors were manufactured to the exacting architectural specifications by Armatile at their manufacturing facility on meshed panel sections allowing for quick and accurate fitment on site by Armatile.

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