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Sports & Leisure

Project Name:

Logos & Legends Series


personal designs available on request

Architect / Designer: 

Sarah Creighton

Completion Date:



Sport & Leisure

With the artistic flair and vision of our head designer, Sarah Creighton, Armaitle have lauched a range of polished porcelain decors inspired by timeless celebrities and famous logos.

Have national and international logos created through the power of waterjet, be unique and personify your passion by having your team logo created bespoke for the wall or floor of your club house or training ground.

Choose from a range of sporting icons created in the pop art style, past or present, for your wall or floor spanning a range of domestic or commercial applications. A twist of originality in themed clubs, pubs and restaurants? Or have the icons of the silver screen brought to life through waterjet.




Think outside of the tile...

ARMATile's Logos and Legends Series


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For further information on how our Design & Contract Services can deliver stunning results for you please contact;


Peter Rafferty via email or telephone 028 3752 7007.

London & UK

Andy Dancaster via email or telephone 074 0735 8002