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Project Name:

St Patrick's Church, Magheralin


New Forge Road

Architect / Designer: 

P Monaghan Architects (Paul Monaghan)

Completion Date:




The first known church on the Magheralin site dates back to an astounding 637AD. The current building was errected in 1843, and sits on the western reaches of the River Lagan.
St Patricks new floor and striking Font feature were specifically designed to suit the dimentions of the Church layout. It was therefore vital each panel was modular to the next; ensuring the design met the untiled seating areas perfectly, eliminating the need for margin tiles. Armatile technical ensured this was the case. All panels were produced to this stringent specifiaction in our manufacturing plant.
Through the use of templates acquired from site by our technical team, we rose to the challenge of creating the perfect bespoke curved border to surround the Santuary.
The entrance porch tiling is particularly relevant to St Patricks. The central feature cross was the original feature cross from the Church tower. It was our job to fit it and ensure the surrounding tile work fully complimented and respected its aged fragility. We did this through moulding the edges of the surround tiles to the same effect.

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