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Project Name:

St Peter's Church, Lurgan


North Street

Architect / Designer: 

P Monaghan Architects

Completion Date:




Winner of "Best Technical use of a tile in a contract" 2012.

The origin's of this church began not far form where the present building stands in North Street. In the beginning of the 19th century the Brownlow family (landlords of the Lurgan area 1610 - 1884) donated to the Catholics of Lurgan, an old mill warehouse, near the Dougher stream, which was on the outskirts of Lurgan town. The mill house was converted into a Catholic Chapel.

After the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 had come to pass, the Brownlow family donated the Dougher field next to the church to be used as a graveyard. In 1830, at the present site, in North Street, building started on St Peter's. Since then the Church has been remodeled, enlarged, and most recently renovated.

Designed and specified by Paul Monaghan, Armatile has extensively refurblished over 280m2 of bespoke church flooring. This involved fixing large geometric floor designs interwoven with waterjet pieces down the central aisle and branching across the front of the church.
We also produced a couple of large handcrafted mosaics. The first a set of keys at the entrance of the church, and the second a large detailed panel in front of the altar.

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