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Project Name:

Ennis Information Park



Architect / Designer: 

Henry J Lyons (Stephen McCabe)

Completion Date:




Winner of "Best Technical Use of a Tile in a Construction Contract".

The first issue to overcome was with regards to raised access flooring throughout the entry lobby. This was an issue due to movement of the steel panels which were 600x600mm in size. The tile would not fit exactly over each panel which meant the tile would bridge the gap left around the outside of the access panel. We had to also put in place expansion joints in the floor to accommodate the larger potential movement. We overcame this problem using Ditra matting which was first stuck to the access panels using Mapie G19 special adhesive to bond to stee. Then Keraquick white was used with latex plus in to increase deformability.

The second issue related to the internal feature wall. This became a problem when the architect wanted an invisible fix ie: did not want the clips to show. Most cladding jobs are done with the clip showing.

The need for mechanical fixing only arises once you go over a height of 2m. The feature wall in this project is almost 10m high. The wall was built as a steel structure and then had to be clad with a special backing board that was screw fixed at approximately 200mm intervals to carry the weight of the tiles. The brackets or mechanical fitting system was then screw fixed to the backing board. The tile had to have a channel cut out of it to allow the clip to fit into it. We utilized the cutting technologies we have available to us at our manufacturing plant in Armagh to achieve this. The tile was then positioned on the clip and secured with Mapei Keraquick & Latex Plus. We used Mapie Ultracolour Chocolate grout and we also used Chocolate Silicone as an expansion joint approximately half way up to bring the area within the recommendations of 1.8m lengths for expansion as per BS Standards.

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